Nothing but a Family Health Thing

 WELCOME TO Acupuncture Family Healthcare Clinic

We are a State of California corporation and we provide prompt, reliable and high-quality services in a very clean environment for various Complimentary and Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, health-care programs.

Acupuncture Family HealthCare Clinic is proud of the healthcare programs that we offer and even more thrilled to building the health of individuals and families in and around our community. Our exceptionally high-success healing rate with Acupuncture therapy is by far the highest in our community. This Key Performance Indicator, KPI, always leaves us with a true sense of accoumplishment and a great feeling of warmth. Nothing is more satisfying than watching how our high-success healing rate has helped individuals and family alike achieve the health of their dreams.

Our practitioners believe that your health is your biggest asset and that investing time, money, and energy into your health in not a cost but an investment. Our goal is to always lead and inspire you to achieve your healthcare dreams. In addition, the yardstick for our success is the quality of the relationships we build over time. Every year has been especially unique and rich with the support of our growing local community which continue to make our every moment worthwhile.

Our patients have always confirmed our belief that fine service together with high quality always results in great satisfaction. For this, we are very pleased and proud and to them, we say thank you.

Enjoy your visit and thank you for stopping by. Any comments or questions, please contact us by phone at (805) 864-9290 or by email: