"Taking leadership training through Institute of African Leadership has made a huge difference and impact for me. I give them a lot of credit for helping me advance in my position and with my firm in Africa."
—Terry C.

Established in 2003, Institute of African Leadership is one of the most successful leadership training agencies in the industry. Working with partners from various multi-national corporations doing business in Africa, we have built up a fantastic network which lends to our effectiveness and our reputation. The more we reach out and the more people we affect, the better our global workforce and environment.

Studies point to the fact that where culture is interwoven into the fabric of  the American management philosophy, the result tends to be successful; where local culture is absent and the management technique is alien to the environment, either wholesale failure or underperformance is the result ― Versi (2004)

Most African managers are encumbered with management techniques conceived in an era that has long been discarded into the rubbish bin of history  ― Versi, (2004)

"In the wake of globalization, it is not that the African leadership philosophy should be Americanized, but the American leadership philosophy must be Africanized for multi-national corporations and organizations in Africa to be successful."

Bennett Annan, Institute of African Leadership

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