Dr. Bennett Annan

Bennett Annan, MS, PsyD, EdD

Dr. Bennett Annan is the founder and president of the Institute of African Leadership, IoFAL. Of all the ways he describes himself—mechanical engineer, manufacturing and quality engineer, business manager, counselor, professor, professional consultant, author, and researcher—perhaps the most fitting is multipotentialite, which is defined as someone whose interests span multiple fields or areas rather than being proficient in just one.
Dr. Annan holds a bachelor of science, B.S., degree and master of science, M.S., degree in mechanical engineering. He also holds the masters of business administration, MBA, degree in leadership and management. In addition, he holds masters degree, M.A., in clinical psychology, marriage and family therapist, MFT, a doctor of psychology, PsyD, in organizational management and consulting, a doctor of education, EdD, in organizational leadership, and a Further Education Teachers' Certificate, FETC.
He has a strong passion for learning that has fueled the 30-plus years he has spent studying and practicing engineering, business management, and psychology, primarily in the manufacturing industry. Throughout his adult life, he has never rested on his laurels; instead, he has augmented his learning one course after another. The reason is that he realizes that if one needs to be the best that one can be, then one needs to adopt a mindset of lifelong learning.
Currently, Dr. Annan is a business development and engineering consultant and helps organizations to understand that the business environment is changing and assists engineers and managers in changing their traditional ways of doing business, which is no longer cost effective, by providing them with the necessary tools to help them make the necessary profound adjustments to remain competitive.
"If Africans do not discard the old ways of doing business, their struggles and concerns will be monumental and of serious consequence for them."
Bennett Annan, IoFAL
  • Patent No. US 6,189,947 B1 for Sun Visor Extension Device. Awarded on February 20, 2001.
  • Patent No. US D 459,130 S for Key and Letter Organizer. Awarded on June 25, 2002.


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