Lipotron is a non-invasive medical device that employs a patented medical device to generate safe, painless radio frequency waves which pass through the body - to a depth of 4 inches to temperatures of 113 degree F, skin temperature is claimed to be no highter than 106 degrees F - to heat and destroy fatty cells, reducing subcutaneous fat (cellulite), to tighten, contour and reshape the skin of your face and body.


Lipotron Technology is a safe and painless weight loss and body sculpting alternative to common surgical treatment methods, such as gastric by-pass, stomach bands and cosmetic surgery. The process diminishes facial lines, tightens sagging skin, and shrinks excess body fat.


Lipotron treatment is used to firm and tighten specific areas of the body and face, in addition to reducing cellulite. Specific treatment applications include:

  • Tightening the jawline, reducing jowls, recontouring the jaw shape, and decreasing excess tissue beneath the eyes.
  • Smoothing the orange peel or cottage cheese look on the skin’s surface (caused by cellulite), and tightening loose skin to re-contour body shape and adjust body measurements.
  • Firming the breasts and tightening loose skin around the underarm.
  • Firming and tightening loose belly skin.
  • Non-invasive alternative to common surgical treatments for obesity.
  • Non-invasive alternative to liposuction.
  • Lipotron treatment has proven effective for pain relief and increasing healing in the wake of sports-related injuries and post-surgical recovery.

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